Specialists in Lacquering Aluminium Coils


alucoat-coil-introairlid® is the lacquered or printed aluminium foil made in Alucoat intended to be used for the production of lids used for catering in the aviation industry and high-speed train.

Properties of coated coils airlid® allow to produce lids that can be heated in air furnaces and ensure the preservation of an optimum temperature and a good state of food longer, being lightweight and resistant to external agents at the same time.


  • Very good heat conductivity, that makes it suitable for freezing and re-heating.
  • Decorative potential, can be printed by rotogravure printing up to 8 colors.
  • Light weight that allows economizing on storage and transport space.
  • Safe for use in contact with foodstuffs (according to European Directives, and FDA).
  • Food can be heated by convection, fan or microwave oven.




ALUCOAT supplies its product airlid® in reels of wide until 1.250 mm, with core of steel or carton up to 150 mm., maximum diameter of 1000 mm. and maximum weight of 2 tonnes.

The coils of airlid® are ideal for developing:

  • Airline catering printing lids.
  • High-speed train catering printing lids

Technical Data

Product  description

Aluminium foil from 40 to 100 μm, colourless or white lacquer on one side, and plain, colourless, white, coloured lacquer or printing on the other side. Lubrication is optional.

Coating properties – Coloured, white or colourless lacquers:

Epoxy based lacquers with excellent adhesion to aluminium foil (resistant to adhesive tape test), good solvent resistance, good friction resistance and good resistance to dry heating (2 min./240ºC). Different colours vailable on customer request. Thickness of coating depends on colour.

White lacquer:

Polymerization >50 Double rubs/MEK. Authorized for contact with foodstuffs (FDA).

Coloured lacquer:

Polymerization >50 Double rubs/MEK.

Colourless lacquer:

Polymerization >35 Double rubs/MEK.
Authorized for contact with foodstuffs (FDA).

Printing inks:

Special inks developed for this application, resistant to heating and freezing.


Lubrication is optional. Quantity can be specified by the customer.

Recommended alloys:

EN AW 8011A, EN AW 8006 (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)).

Customer can specify its needs in order to choose the best thickness, alloy and temper of the metal.

Product Data Sheet: pdf