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ALUCOAT gives colour to coffee

For coffee lovers, one of the most pleasurable things in life is to be able to enjoy a delicious coffee first thing in the morning, to enjoy it after a meal with friends or family or during an important meeting or appointment.

There is a great variety of flavours and textures that travel around the world and that, depending on each area, give it a unique taste. In order to preserve ground coffee in optimum conditions and guarantee that when you drink it is “freshly ground”, it is necessary for it to be in an aluminium container, as this is the material that best preserves food and does not interfere with its flavour.

That is why ALUCOAT works to offer a premium, high quality product to one of the most demanding segments of the market. ALUCOATs lacquered aluminium for coffee capsules provides a total protection barrier, preserving 100% of its properties and maintaining its freshness until its final consumption. In addition, the use of an aluminium alloy specifically designed for this use, together with the wide range of customisable colours offered by the company, allows its customers to create innovative designs and enables them to produce coffee capsules with their own personality, helping them to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Moreover, the aluminium capsules are infinitely and 100% recyclable, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint, global emissions and favour the circular economy (SDG 13), making it the perfect packaging that protects an exclusive product and cares about the environment and a sustainable future.

ALUCOAT, creating smart, tailor-made and sustainable solutions.

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ALUCOAT’s philosophy and know-how

In the world we live in, every time is more important to have a well-consolidated values and know-how so that all the efforts that go into them allow the company to grow and improve. For this reason, to Alucoat is fundamental that all its employees are aligned with values and objectives:

Its industrial processes, pretreatment, coating, slittering and packing form the basis of its Know-How and business success. Thanks to its high-capacity, flexible and the most advanced machinery in the market, ALUCOAT provides a high industrial potential that allows the production of a wide variety of products with high technical level and maximum quality.

ALUCOAT focus all its efforts in continuous improvement and innovation, constantly developing new products, new coatings or solutions and pampering every single detail from the production process to the final product. Its brands, Airfin®, Waterfin®, Insulax®, Linfoil®, Alucoat® CPS, Alucoat® CS, Alupharm®, Alucoat® Clopp, aluNID®, Alucoat® Prelac are just some examples.

ALUCOAT produces and develops exclusive, customized or even tailor-made solutions for each customer giving answer to their needs.

The company has a clear commitment with its products, services, qualities and the know-how of its activity, the coating process and in every an in each and every one of its phases of industrial activity, for this reason, ALUCOAT is an international reference in coating aluminum coils and an role model as a conscious and responsible company with people and its environment.

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ALUCOAT, quality training for a better society

ALUCOAT, a company with more than 25 years of experience and currently 80 members of staff is conscious of the importance that practical training has today within our educational system. With the aim to offer the first professional opportunities to students without prior experience and seeking to improve and provide the incorporation to labor market to the students, ALUCOAT collaborates closely with universities and educational institutions.

The company has an extensive program of internships and scholarships where students about to finish their degrees, professional training or just finished the courses, they can join a real job where they can put into practice what they have learned. These actions are always a close approach between specialized students and the labor needs of ALUCOAT.

Thanks to the collaboration with entities and internship contracts, we promote learning opportunities for a wide range of jobs in industrial environments that in many cases involve hiring once the internship period has finished. At ALUCOAT nowadays 6% of our staff are former fellows, who have had a great professional development and in some cases they have achieved directive positions within our organization.

ALUCOAT highly committed to training and learning also offers specific language training and improvements on courses to its employees, ensuring that its work team is highly qualified and knowledgeable about the latest innovations in the sector.

In addition to scholarships, training and internal training, ALUCOAT collaborates in a narrow way with some universities in the development of prototypes or sample’s analysis, among others.

ALUCOAT, committed to quality education (SDG3), working on a future for all.

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ALUCOAT, a reference in quality and customer focus

The quality of final product and the service ALUCOAT offers are its distinctive. Thanks to its experience and know-how the company has not only obtained the most demanding certificates but the customers they work with are very satisfied.

This is demonstrated by the results we have obtained recently in the satisfaction survey: “Client Voice” that shows the 80% of our national and international customers value in positive way the high quality of our coating and the lacquering process of our aluminum coils, the personalized service they receive and the delivery time, being these the reasons why they choose to work again with ALUCOAT, their trusted supplier.

With a clear customer orientation, ALUCOAT invests big efforts in keep offering the maximum quality in coated aluminum between 20 and 500 microns, in providing its customers with a unique and personalized service, with innovation in our new products to satisfy their needs and still being a reference in our sector.

ALUCOAT, industry, innovation, quality, commitment and dedication (SDG 9).

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ALUCOAT wishes you Happy 2022!

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Airfin 100+, antibacterial properties for refrigeration equipment.

In the R&D department of ALUCOAT, looking to answer our customer’s needs and in our intention to extend the properties of our current products, ALUCOAT has developed the new Airfin 100+. 

This new product is designed for the product of finstock for heat exchangers. Thanks to this new development now with antibacterial properties and moreover heat resistance corrosion, this guarantee the no proliferation of bacteria with a 99% of efficacy based according to JIS Z2801-2010/ISO 22196.

Of all the solutions for heat exchangers that ALUCOAT offers, it has the improved version of one of the most popular for its customers, Airfin 100+, moreover it has a higher versatility with new applications thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Thus, Airfin 100+ is the perfect combination with Insulax IP+ that is specially designed for the production of PIR/PUR foam sandwich panels that make the perfect team for areas in which the hygienic conditions are the most important element. Sectors such as sanitary, food or pharmaceutical benefit from this new product as it ensures that the spaces are innocuous and are perfect for keeping the environment hygienic and free of bacteria.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coated aluminium coils from 20 to 500 microns, implicated in your security and health (SDG 3). Protecting you and your environment.

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The compromise of ALUCOAT: recyclability and sustainability

ALUCOAT, is an expert in coating aluminium coils between 20 and 500 microns thick. ALUCOAT supplies materials certified as “safe materials” to a wide range of sectors such as food, pharmacy, insulation, construction, among others and in its daily activity contributes to global sustainability, recycling all the aluminium waste generated when coating.

Aluminium is one of the materials presents in the earth’s layer that is 100% recyclable, it can be recycled infinitely many times and it can be re-used without losing its properties with a 95% of recovery rate. As a curious fact, the 75% of all the aluminium produced in the World since 1950’s it still in use*. Another advantage related with recycling is that it’s avoid the emission of an average of 90 million of CO2 to the atmosphere per year*. Regarding the energy required in its initial production to obtain primary aluminium, giving aluminium a new life means an energy saving of 95%.

For these reasons, ALUCOAT, committed to sustainability and the future, recycles 100% of all the waste generated during its productive process of coating. Moreover, more than 60% of our coated aluminium comes from recycled aluminium, minimizing the extraction of new resources and promoting the circular economy.

ALUCOAT, helping to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

*Data from International Aluminium Institute: recycling.world-aluminium.org

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ALUCOAT joins ASI, the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, ASI, is a certification and standard-setting organization that recognizes and promotes responsible aluminium production, sourcing and stewardship. This global initiative was created to support members of responsible supply chains and is the result of producers, users and stakeholders coming together to create an agreement on “responsible aluminium”. This enables the entire aluminium industry to demonstrate accountability and provide independent, credible and verifiable evidence of its environmental, social and management performance.

Certification according to ASI Performance Standard Certification is based on 11 principles and 62 criteria including production management, business integrity, transparency, materials stewardship, environmental care, CO2 emissions or labor rights.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coated aluminium coils between 20 and 500 microns, has joined this initiative as a member since June, being this the beginning of the path towards obtaining the certification ASI Performance Standard Certification in the next two years to demonstrate the responsible aluminium production, supply and management.

ALUCOAT,  committed to SDGs: industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and climate action (SDG 13).

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insulax® Kitchen, the distinctive touch of your kitchen

insulax® Kitchen is the coated aluminum especially designed for the production of plinths, boards and kitchen panels. This product, developed by ALUCOAT is resistant to humidity, gas and cleaning products. Moreover, it is resistant to U.V. rays, therefore it does not lose its color despite wear and tear caused by sun or chemical agents and the surface is resistant to cold liquids as specified in the norm EN-12720. Thus, ALUCOAT take care of your health, wellbeing and that of yours (SDG 3).

insulax® Kitchen is a versatile product that can be produced in thickness between 60 and 100 microns and has multitude of finishes available: smooth, brushed, gloss, semi-gloss, matt and a wide variety of colors, therefore, in addition to protecting your kitchen and keeping it in perfect condition, it is the perfect ally for your decoration.

The back finish, the one on the back, can be laminated in a wide range of supports such as: boards DM, melamine, PVC, ABS, CAB, among others. This is the reason why insulax® Kitchen has a large variety of applications.

ALUCOAT offers once again a new, modern, elegant, technical and specific solution according to the needs of each customer

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Alucoat, committed to your food safety

ALUCOAT, leader in coating aluminium coils between 20 and 500 microns, has as one of its main objectives to ensure the maximum safety of all its products, especially those intended for direct contact with food.
A flan container, a yogurt lid, a protective lid of a bottle of wine or coffee capsule, as just some examples of the products are made with the coated aluminium coils we manufacture in ALUCOAT. The aluminium acts as a barrier to protect the inline content against humidity, odors or other external agents that could alter its composition.

The company regularly performs tests based into the European law related with food security such as Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 or Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006, all considered the most demanding worldwide. Furthermore, ALUCOAT products also comply the requirements of 21 CFR § 175.300 of the US regulations, FDA.

On the other hand, it is registered in the Spanish Food Sanitary Registry that means it has the authorization to produce the articles designed to be in contact with food. This implies that facilities, the production process, the quality standards, the packaging and labelling of our products, satisfy the regulations.

In this way and thanks to the innovation and development process in which we are immerse, it ensures the coated aluminium that leaves our facilities is versatile, provides quality solutions and, for sure is safety for food contact.

ALUCOAT, safety available to the customer. Health and well-being within the reach of all and for all (SDG 3).

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