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AIRFIN®, the best choice for heat exchangers

Air conditioning equipment requires components that resist its continuous exposure to the environment, changes in temperatures cold/heat and in some situations corrosive environments that can reduce its useful life.
For this reason, ALUCOAT has developed the range AIRFIN®, for the production of fins for heat exchangers, which improves the benefits of air conditioning equipment thanks to the different coating we have, specially designed to meet the different requirements of this sector. Our AIRFIN® range, has the following products:

AIRFIN® 500: among our solutions, it is the one with best performance. Double layer product with incomparable results in terms of resistance to corrosion and U.V. rays
AIRFIN®400: It provides a response to those customers who require that the product be extremely resistant to both corrosion and UV rays.
AIRFIN® 300: for those customers that requires a wide resistance to U.V. rays.
AIRFIN® 100: With high corrosion resistance, it is the most demanded versions among all the available solutions that ALUCOAT offers.

ALUCOAT, with different qualities and benefits, we satisfy the needs of a market with diverse applications. Its products contribute to affordable and clean energy (SDG7).

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Coated aluminium, our reason of being

Aluminium, the third most common element in the earth’s crust, has wide variety of properties: it is light, resistant to corrosion, good energy and heat conductor, odourless, impermeable, good reflector and 100% recyclable. These properties can be improved thanks to a special extra coating that improves its performance as well as its appearance.

At ALUCOAT we are experts in coating aluminium and adding excellent properties to this metal, which is part of our daily lives.
At ALUCOAT we are dedicated to lacquering aluminium liquid in thickness between 20 and 500 microns with a wide variety of coating specially designed for each application and final use.

With our R&D department focused on the innovation and development of new products, our lacquers provide aluminium with properties adapted to the end use to be given such as: resistant to corrosion, to U.V. rays, to sterilization to hydrophilic behaviour, heat sealing to various supports or even antibacterial properties.

Complying with extensive regulations applicable to each sector: FDA (protecting public health and guaranteeing the food safety and drugs), RoHs (guarantees the restriction of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic appliances), Reach (manages the risks that some substances or products may pose to health and the environment), EU 10/2011 (regulation on materials intended to come into contact with food), among others, satisfying the expectations and requirements of a wide variety of sectors, manufacturing and marketing customized solutions to each customer.

ALUCOAT, committed to our activity and our customers, health and well-being (SDG3)

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On 29th June, ALUCOAT obtained the Safe and Clean Company certificate awarded by ADEFAM, the Association of Family Businesses in Madrid, which allows its employees to work both in the plant and in the offices in complete safety.

KPMG is in charge of checking and certifying that the procedures and activities implemented in the companies applying for the BSAFE seal are considered to be hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing measures in accordance with the COVID-19 Management Policy of the Family Business Association of Madrid.

ALUCOAT, adhering to the COVID-19 Management Policy, has provided all kinds of measures: preventive and response, in order to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection among its workers, customers and suppliers.

With extreme hygiene measures, a respect for the minimum social distance in all work stations, posters throughout the office and plant with indications of the safety protocol, and providing new measures to carry out the work with the established safety standards, hydroalcoholic gel, masks and all the necessary material and instructions to mitigate the risk of incidence, this has made it possible to obtain this certificate.

ALUCOAT always committed to health and welfare (SDG 3), thanks its employees for their efforts and their commitment and involvement in this new normality to continue providing the best service to society.

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Alucoat® clopp y Alucoat® clopp+, safety closures for pharma and cosmetics

Within the wide range of products offered by ALUCOAT, Alucoat® clopp is found, this product is intended for the production of pilfer proof closures for bottles in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. This kind of closure guarantee the hermetic content avoiding the contact with external agents that can interfere in its composition.

Alucoat® clopp has been developed with special resins that withstand the demanding sterilization process of pharmacy and cosmetics industry, that guarantees the highest quality and hygiene.

Alucoat® clopp +, with composition BPA-NI, comply the most exigent norms, even with French regulation 2012-1442, regulations governing the control of bisphenol A (BPA) that is in contact with foods or medicines, achieving an excellent resistance to sterilization and corrosion, and an outstanding flexibility and drawability.

In both versions, both Alucoat® clopp and Alucoat® clopp + offer their clients the tranquillity and confidence necessary in as rigorous as the pharmaceutical and the cosmetics markets.

ALUCOAT, investing in innovation and industry (SDG 9), always at the forefront of product development.

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Alucoat® Prelac, safety and comittment for food industry

ALUCOAT, specialist in the production of lacquered aluminum coils, has in its range of products the exclusive preteatment Alucoat® Prelac, that provides excellent properties for food industry.

Alucoat® Prelac, is a state-of-the-art system for chemically degreasing and pretreating aluminum. 100% Chrome free and specialized in aluminum strips, improves corrosion resistance and the adherence of all types of coating. It is suitable for food contact under the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and EU regulations, thus making it an effective solution for the food sector where security, tranquility and customer confidence prevail.

Products like Alucoat® CS and Airlid®, are packaging solutions with properties of heat resistant, resistant to sterilization and pasteurization, easy demoulding and resistance to food with acidic PH. Thus, they can improved their properties with the use of this exclusive pretreatment and are part of products of high security and commitment to the food industry. All providing confidence to our customers and end consumers under the strict FDA regulations.

ALUCOAT, your safety our priority. Committed to responsible production and consumption (SDG 12)

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Insulax IP+, sandwich panels with guaranteed safety and hygiene

In these difficult moments we live in, there is nothing more important than guaranteeing hygiene conditions in those places in which preventing the proliferation of bacteria is very important for health and well-being of citizens.

There are sectors such as the pharmaceutical, health or food where hygiene is essential to guarantee that the products or services that are consumed are not harmful to health.

These sectors count with Insulax IP+, lacquered aluminium for the production of sandwich panels with a special antibacterial coating, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria with a 99% of efficiency according to JIS Z2801-2010/ISO 22196.

It can also be found in interior thermal insulation of roofs, false ceiling for buildings, industrial plants, livestock facilities and in the production of ventilation ducts.

With the option to supply smooth or embossed finish, our Insulax IP+, is suitable for PIR/PUR foam and becomes the ideal solution for those customers interested in offering a quality product with antibacterial properties.

Thanks to Insulax IP+, our customers can produce insulation that guarantees their safety with light, resistant and safe sandwich panels.

ALUCOAT, providing safe and quality solutions.

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ALIBERICO, more than ever, is with you every day. In these difficult moments, more than ever, we want to be closer to you. We work to take care of you every day.

We adapt ourselves to the new situation with maximum protection to our employees, continuing our activity and supplying all our customers. Reinventing ourselves and developing products to meet new needs.

The aluminium of ALIBERICO is in your everyday life, in your cooking containers, pharmacy blister packs, in your building or even in your nearest supermarket. Enhancing the economy and defending jobs.

That’s why ALIBERICO cannot stop #wemustNOTSTOP #thiswillEND

Courage, Strength, We keep on going Take care, Go ahead!

#wemustNOTStop #thiswillEND

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ALUCOAT, specialist in aluminum lacquering for Pharmacy and Food

The aluminum, endowed with enormous advantages over other material, is ideal for its application in pharma industry for example, we can find it in capsules wrappers, blíster packs and caps or membranes to protect syrups.

Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and its great adaptability to extreme humidity and corrosion conditions, pharmaceutical products preserved with aluminum guarantee the perfect conservation of the medicine.
Its impermeability prevents them from coming into contact with any external agent that may alter its composition.

This reason makes it the perfect ally in the food sector because it allows food to be kept in perfect conditions much longer than if than if others materials were used. Which it involves that the day of expiry is longer. Likewise, it does not emit chemical substances or odours, the taste of the final product is not altered or contaminated.

Another of the huge advantages of this noble raw material is that it can be reused infinite times without being affected its properties.

Its profitable, sustainable and efficient circular economy makes it a smart and safe bet both in the present and in the future.

ALUCOAT lacquered aluminum coils are present in the food industry and pharmaceutical sector.
ALUCOAT is one of the main suppliers in these sectors, guaranteeing the highest quality.

ALUCOAT, committed to sustainable communities and cities (SDG 9).

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Waterfin® 700, smart energy eficiency for heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is an essential component that allows heat transfer between fluids in HVAC, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
In order for the air conditioning equipment to work properly, they have aluminium sheets inside them called fins that are crossed by tubes thanks to them the coolant circulates and whose mission is to promote the heat exchange.

ALUCOAT manufactures waterfin®, the coated aluminium coil for the production of fins for heat exchangers.
Our range of products waterfin®, has hydrophilic properties that avoid the production of ice bridges, making them the smartest choice for manufacturing air conditioning.

With two different versions, waterfin® 100 the standard solution while waterfin® 700 the perfect solution for environments where greater corrosion resistance is required, being able to assure more than 1.000 hours of resistance to acetic salt spray test. This is the most sustainable version with the best energy management. For special cases, you can have the option to increase even more the corrosion resistance thanks to our treatment Alucoat® Prelac.

All these characteristics make the equipment manufactured with waterfin® 700 the most efficient on the market.
Efficiency and efficacy come together in one term, ALUCOAT .

ALUCOAT manufactures materials for affordable and clean energy (SDG7) in the framework of climate action (SDG 13).

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A safe bet, the importance of investing in R&D

A safe bet, the importance of investing in R&D

ALUCOATs R+D department, is formed by an experimented professional team that has a wide professional career upon their shoulders and a vast knowledge of the market, invests great efforts in the development of new products, as well as in the continuous improvement of already existing, trying to provide customized solutions to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

The department’s work in developing new products becomes even more relevant in a market like the current one, which is constantly moving and requires quick and intelligent adaptation.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and laboratory facilities and the customisation of product specifications, ALUCOAT‘s R&D department is one of its strengths, being able to provide tailor-made solutions in the most complex scenarios.

ALUCOAT, investing in industry and innovation

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