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Aluminium recycling lead the change to sustainable industry

Recycling within industrial sector plays a key role in protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and reducing polluting gases.
Industrial companies have the potential to become change agents by adopting effective recycling practises.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coating aluminium coils is subject to a strict environmental management policy integrated into the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all the resources and waste that are generated during production process. Of the little waste that is generated, almost all (more than 90%) is sent to specialized waste managers to its treatment and subsequent recycling.

The company has developed a policy focused on promoting green aluminium and works with its suppliers so that most of the aluminium with which it works is recycled aluminium.
One of the advantages of using recycling aluminium is the energy saving. To produce one kilogram of recycled aluminium it is necessary a 95% of energy less than producing one kilogram of primary aluminium. It also means an important reduction of C02 emissions to the atmosphere, saving about 9 ton of CO2 for every ton of recycled aluminium. Furthermore, aluminium can be recycled endlessly times without losing its properties during the process, which favours circular economy.

ALUCOAT, promoting recycling as a commitment with the environment.

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