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ALUCOAT’s philosophy and know-how

In the world we live in, every time is more important to have a well-consolidated values and know-how so that all the efforts that go into them allow the company to grow and improve. For this reason, to Alucoat is fundamental that all its employees are aligned with values and objectives:

Its industrial processes, pretreatment, coating, slittering and packing form the basis of its Know-How and business success. Thanks to its high-capacity, flexible and the most advanced machinery in the market, ALUCOAT provides a high industrial potential that allows the production of a wide variety of products with high technical level and maximum quality.

ALUCOAT focus all its efforts in continuous improvement and innovation, constantly developing new products, new coatings or solutions and pampering every single detail from the production process to the final product. Its brands, Airfin®, Waterfin®, Insulax®, Linfoil®, Alucoat® CPS, Alucoat® CS, Alupharm®, Alucoat® Clopp, aluNID®, Alucoat® Prelac are just some examples.

ALUCOAT produces and develops exclusive, customized or even tailor-made solutions for each customer giving answer to their needs.

The company has a clear commitment with its products, services, qualities and the know-how of its activity, the coating process and in every an in each and every one of its phases of industrial activity, for this reason, ALUCOAT is an international reference in coating aluminum coils and an role model as a conscious and responsible company with people and its environment.

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