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ALUCOAT, specialist in aluminum lacquering for Pharmacy and Food

The aluminum, endowed with enormous advantages over other material, is ideal for its application in pharma industry for example, we can find it in capsules wrappers, blíster packs and caps or membranes to protect syrups.

Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and its great adaptability to extreme humidity and corrosion conditions, pharmaceutical products preserved with aluminum guarantee the perfect conservation of the medicine.
Its impermeability prevents them from coming into contact with any external agent that may alter its composition.

This reason makes it the perfect ally in the food sector because it allows food to be kept in perfect conditions much longer than if than if others materials were used. Which it involves that the day of expiry is longer. Likewise, it does not emit chemical substances or odours, the taste of the final product is not altered or contaminated.

Another of the huge advantages of this noble raw material is that it can be reused infinite times without being affected its properties.

Its profitable, sustainable and efficient circular economy makes it a smart and safe bet both in the present and in the future.

ALUCOAT lacquered aluminum coils are present in the food industry and pharmaceutical sector.
ALUCOAT is one of the main suppliers in these sectors, guaranteeing the highest quality.

ALUCOAT, committed to sustainable communities and cities (SDG 9).

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Waterfin® 700, smart energy eficiency for heat exchangers

The heat exchanger is an essential component that allows heat transfer between fluids in HVAC, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
In order for the air conditioning equipment to work properly, they have aluminium sheets inside them called fins that are crossed by tubes thanks to them the coolant circulates and whose mission is to promote the heat exchange.

ALUCOAT manufactures waterfin®, the coated aluminium coil for the production of fins for heat exchangers.
Our range of products waterfin®, has hydrophilic properties that avoid the production of ice bridges, making them the smartest choice for manufacturing air conditioning.

With two different versions, waterfin® 100 the standard solution while waterfin® 700 the perfect solution for environments where greater corrosion resistance is required, being able to assure more than 1.000 hours of resistance to acetic salt spray test. This is the most sustainable version with the best energy management. For special cases, you can have the option to increase even more the corrosion resistance thanks to our treatment Alucoat® Prelac.

All these characteristics make the equipment manufactured with waterfin® 700 the most efficient on the market.
Efficiency and efficacy come together in one term, ALUCOAT .

ALUCOAT manufactures materials for affordable and clean energy (SDG7) in the framework of climate action (SDG 13).

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