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AIRFIN®, the best heat protection

The coated aluminum coil AIRFIN® is the best choice for rotary heat exchangers.

AIRFIN® is the coated Aluminum coil of Alucoat designed for the production of fins for rotatory heat exchangers. These use the temperature of an air flow to change the temperature thanks to the rotary movement of the exchanger itself, thus becoming an ecological solution of high energy efficiency.

In that way, the rotary heat exchangers are the most effective way to transfer heat, since they save between 45 and 80% of the energy used by the usual air conditioning or heating systems.

The aluminum is ideal for this process thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity. The Alucoat AIRFIN® coated aluminum coil between 50 and 200 microns of thickness and up to 1600mm width, has numerous channels that allow air to pass through and transfer its heat to the storage mass.

The range of AIRFIN® products from Alucoat offers a corrosion protection 3 times superior to bare aluminum, improve its transformation and processing and generates a protective barrier against microbial growth. For environments with more aggressive conditions, our EPPU AIRFIN® 500 guarantees an extra resistance under the highest performance of the market.

ALUCOAT, innovative solutions for energy saving and ecological efficiency.

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