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Alucoat® CS, and enjoy a good coffee.

Our coated aluminum, Alucoat® CS, is the most comfortable, quick and clean way to consume freshly brewed coffee.

Alucoat® CS is the best solution for the production of coffee capsules. The coated aluminum that we produce in ALUCOAT is the best barrier that avoid coffee oxidation and conserve all its natural properties without altering its flavour. Thanks to the wide range of colors we offer, it allows to differentiate the product based on the kind of coffee.

Using alloys that have been specially designed for this, with extraordinary drawing  properties, the capsules produced with Alucoat® CS offers a good mechanical protection and light weight, which saves storage and transport.

Moreover, in combination with Linfoil® for the capsule lid, with a wide range of heat-sealing coatings, ALUCOAT guarantees total protection of coffee and assure a correct breakage of the lid after the infusion of coffee inside preventing the coffee grounds from entering the cup.

Alucoat® CS is the best solution for the production of coffee capsules, it is 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

ALUCOAT, always at the forefront and providing innovative solutions.

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