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Alucoat® cs

bobina-alucoat-cs-introAlucoat® cs is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of semi-rigid containers for food packaging. Due to its unique properties, Alucoat® cs coils are ideal for the reduction of cooking time, cooling and heating, thanks to an excellent thermal conductivity. Besides it provides a high barrier protection for light, gas and contamination, that improves the food conservation.
Its main advantages are:

  • Decorative potential, can be printed.
  • Extraordinary properties for inlaying, with lacquers especially developed by our technical department for single inlay process as well as double inlay.
  • Good mechanical protection and light weight, that allows to economizing on storage and transport.


  • Safe for use in contact with food stuff (according to European Directives and FDA).
  • Food can be heated by convection, fan or microwave oven.
  • Aluminium containers can be recycled.
  • ALUCOAT supplies its product Alucoat® cs in reels of wide until 1.250 mm, with steel core or carton up to 150 mm, maximum diameter of 1.000 mm and maximum weight of 2 tonnes.




The excellent composition Alucoat® cs lacquered coils allow a multiple applications within food industry:

  • Container for heat processed dairy desserts.
  • Container for Pâtés.
  • Container for prepared and oven ready meal.
  • Container for ready to cook-frozen desserts.


Technical Data

Product description

Aluminium foil from 40 to 300 μm with colourless or coloured lacquer on one side, and heatsealing lacquer on the other side. Lubrication is optional.

Coating properties: Coloured or colourless lacquer:

  • Vinyl, epoxy or polyester nature according to customer‘s requirements.
  • Colour can be specified by the customer.
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium foil (resistant to adhesive tape test).
  • Epoxy and Polyester
    • Resistant to solvents. Polymerization >50 Double rubs/ MEK.
    • Resistant to dry heating (2min/ 240ºC).
    • Resistant to boiling water (15min).
  • Polyester:
    • BADGE free


Heatsealing lacquer:

  • Vinyl or Polyester nature.
  • Authorized for contact with foodstuffs (FDA).
  • Water resistant (30 min. at room temperature).
  • Boiling water resistant (5 min./100ºC).
  • Vinyl lacquer
    • BADGE free
    • Peel strength to PVC > 12 N/15mm. (180ºC, 40 kg, 1s).
    • Lacquer porosity (15 min for standard material or 120 min for anticorrosive material) < 5 pores/m2 (20g CuSO4 / 50cc. HCl (35%) / 1000cc. H2O)

  • Polyester lacquer
    • BADGE free
    • BPA-free
    • PVC free
    • Peel strength to universal lid > 9 N/15mm. (180ºC, 40 kg, 1s)
    • Lacquer porosity (15 min) < 5 pores/m2 (20g CuSO4 / 50cc. HCl (35%) / 1000cc. H2O)
  • Epoxy Lacquer
    • PVC free
    • Resistant to solvents. Polymerization >30 Double rubs/ MEK.
    • Resistant to dry heating (2min/ 240ºC).
    • Resistant to heat at 180ºC/ 1 min + cooling at -16ºC/6 days + sterilization at 121ºC/30 min in vapour.
    • Start strength at PP > 9N/15 mm. (200ºC, 40 kg, 1s)
    • Porosity (120 min) < 5 pores/m2 (20g CuSO4 / 50 cc. HCI (35%) / 1000 cc. H2O)
    • Resistant to pasteurization with an acetic acid  solution at 3% in water at 80ºC during 2 hours



Lubrication is optional. Quantity can be specified by the customer.

Recommended alloys:

EN AW 8011A, EN AW 8006, EN AW 3005, EN AW 3105 (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)).

Customer can specifiy its needs in order to choose the best thickness, alloy and temper of the meta.

Product Data Sheet: pdf