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Alucoat ® cs is the best solution for the production of easy demoulding packaging

The final consumer in many occasions has problems in extracting their favorite dessert from the packaging. The reason is the raw material of the packaging is not adequate.
That is why Alucoat, specialist in the production of aluminum packaging under the brand Alucoat ® cs, that offers the mechanical properties necessary for this type of application, moreover an incredible range of colors that meets the customer’s needs.

The high performance of Alucoat® cs lacquered coils means that the containers subsequently manufactured for use in food and especially for baking, are correctly adapted to the final consumption form.

Aluminum containers made from Alucoat ® cs lacquered coils fulfill the functions of protecting the contents of the packaging of pollutants, colors, light and humidity during transportation, distribution and handling to preserve the properties of the packaged product. In addition, our coated aluminum is able to maintain its properties of resistance and heat-sealing after different thermic processes guaranteeing the stability of the food. These products comply with the regulations for food industry, the European and American version: FDA, BPA-free, PVC-free and BADGE-free.

We have two range of our Alucoat ® cs easy demoulding. The first one for the production of standard packaging, for desserts without special resistance requirements and the second one is the production of food packaging with high level of acidity, such as, compotes, fruits, among others, requiring a plus in resistance corrosion with easy demoulding.

In this way Alucoat always offers a specific and technical solution for each customer, according to their needs. Alucoat always at the forefront of production, offers real solutions in the day to day to its customers and final consumers.

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