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Alucoat starts up the laboratory 4.0

Alucoat improves installations of R&D and Quality

ALUCOAT, European leader in coating aluminum coils between 20 and 500 microns, shows its commitment for innovation and continuous improvement with remodeling and expansion of its R&D and Quality laboratory, to continue satisfying the needs of the market and its customers.

The enlargement has doubled the capacity of the installations, which host the latest advances in technology and equipment for analysis, testing and quality control of coated aluminum that Alucoat develops. This improvement will successfully meet the requirements demanded by the markets they serve.

With the inauguration of a new laboratory, ALUCOAT is integrated into Industry 4.0. A reform that adds to the continuous improvement that performs the company to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

ALUCOAT, Innovation, Quality and Development of Last Generation.

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Alucoat is integrated in the Supply chain with its customers

The digitalization and automatization of orders allows to reduce administrative management times.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coated aluminum coils, shows its commitment to digitalization and continuous improvement through the automation of purchase orders, which are imported automatically to the company’s system, reducing time and administrative tasks. ALUCOAT avoids this way possible mistakes when registering orders, achieving a more efficient management for ALUCOAT and its customers.

Customers’ purchase orders are automatically exported from their systems and downloaded by ALUCOAT to be registered automatically as sales orders. Additionally, ALUCOAT has a system control in plant that label each order with the proper label formats that adapt to the needs of every customer. The labeling include product ID that are standardized by AECOC, QR Code that allows tracking from any mobile phone through SIGAConnect and for those customer who request it, an RFID tag for a remote management.

Moreover, this integration allows our systems, after the order being shipped, to automatically provide detail of manufactured coils, with their unique identification and weight to their customers. This entails an improvement so that customers can plan the consumption of each coil in their production processes before receiving them.

ALUCOAT, innovation and efficiency at your fingertips.

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