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aluNID ®, the biggest aluminium honeycomb in the World

aluNID ®, high quality aluminium honeycomb manufactured by ALUCOAT, continuing its philosophy of satisfying the most demanding needs of its customers and expanding its product range, has undertaken a redesign of the cutting line and production process in order to become the biggest aluminium honeycomb panel in the world with up to 2.6 meters wide and 10 meters long.

Thus, aluNID ® moves towards the future, offering its customers a higher performance and bigger dimensions aluminium honeycomb, which increases the efficiency of the production processes of its customers and becoming the world’s largest aluminium honeycomb.

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New range of insulax ® for a Smart Energy Management

insulax ®, the coated aluminium specially designed for building insulation structures applications, extends its product range with a new development jointly developed by the technical team of ALUCOAT and the collaboration of several universities.

ALUCOAT in its objective to develop higher performance, environmentally friendly and sustainable products, launches a new product range of insulax ® that optimizes the reflectance of solar radiation on the decks and roofs of buildings, making the most of the incoming solar radiation returned, avoiding being absorbed by the building structure and achieving high thermic insulating properties.

insulax ®, now a product with more features for intelligent energy management.

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New linfoil ® ALC Generation Easy Opening

Alucoat Conversion, specialists in foil and coil coating, has developed a new linfoil ® ALC generation, for coated lids for the food packaging industry, which allows a big reduction and optimization of raw materials increasing the performance and properties of the product.

linfoil ® ALC aluminium lids protect food preserving its organoleptic assets of aroma and flavor, thanks to its excellent sealing properties.

The new linfoil ® ALC generation offers amazing sealing solutions with high performance, that makes the use of this product particularly suitable for food packaging systems that require long preservation periods of time.

All this on different materials: tinplate, TFS, and polypropylene containers, thereby becoming the ideal choice when developing easy-open closures used for canned tuna, anchovies, olives, and salads for individual consumption.

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