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insulax® BT

bobina-alucoat-clopp-bebidasinsulax® BT is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of insulation structures for building (roofs, chimneys, among others). insulax® BT is the adequate product to be laminated with bitumen for water proofing in roofs. We can supply this range of product with our new series of coating and qualities of lacquer that provides an excellent resistant to humidity, gas and U.V. light. It can be laminated to other materials in order to form very high performance insulation and barrier products.  

Range of products

  • There is a new version of insulax® BT for external applications. This new version offers a high-value, high-perfomance with special pigments highly reflective to sunlight. Absorb much less heat than conventional insulation systems, thus resulting in a reduction of energy consumption of the building. There are two kinds of lacquer for this application:
    • insulax® BT HQPE
    • insulax® BT PVdF
  • These twho white lacquers fulfill the USA Normatives “Tittle 24 of the California Code of Regulations” about emissivity and reflectance.
  • Also for all range of products an alternative with a pre-treatment coating patented by ALUCOAT that improves the corrosion resistance and the adherence of the lacquer over the aluminium surface.


bobina-insulax -bt-mini


ALUCOAT supplies its product insulax® BT in reels of wide until 1.600 mm, with core of steel or carton up to 500 mm and maximum weight of 6 tonnes.

insulax® BT is particularly suitable for bituminous roofing insulation (roofing felt).

Technical Data

Covering properties : 

Top layer Coloured lacquer, polyester, superpolyester, acrylic, PVdF or HQPE
Aluminium  8011/1050/1200/8079 O
Bottom layer None/ Optional pre-treatment or primer (Improve adherence)
Standard colours Green and red. Wide range of colours RAL
Adherence  ASTM D-3359 No delamination
Bending  ECCA 7 (0 ≤ T BEND ≤ 1)  O.K.
Curing Resistance to MEK  > 50 d.f.
Heat Resistance  240ºC/2 min.  O.K.
Corrosion Resistance (Neutral Salt Spray)  ASTM B117 (NaCl 5%/35ºC)  >500 h (According to specification > 1000 h)
U.V. Resistance  ASTM G154 (500 h.;UV-313 4h. 60ºC / Condensation 4h. 40ºC)  O.K. (According to specification 1000 h)

Recommended alloys:

EN AW 8011A, EN AW 8079, EN AW 1200, EN AW 1050 (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)). Customer can specify its needs in order to choose the best thickness, alloy and temper of the metal.

Product Data Sheet: pdf