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Alucoat ® cs BPA-free

The regulatory requirements within the food sector increases progressively impacting directly on food packaging systems and their raw materials.

ALUCOAT Conversion, specialists in aluminium high quality coil coating for various sectors including food packaging materials, is ahead of the rest of manufacturers becoming the first producer of aluminium coatings for food packaging 100% BPA (bisphenol A) free, in their product range of Alucoat ® cs.

The new Alucoat ® cs BPA Free is the result of three years of work, development, know-how and the cutting-edge of ALUCOAT. The mission of ALUCOAT has been always based in high quality products and services, obtaining the maximum food security in all its customers.

With this new release, ALUCOAT is underway in more than one year ban in France (Amendment of Act 2010-729 passed by the National Assembly) the use of this type of compound, which they consider to be harmful to health .

Currently, ALUCOAT is already providing this new product to European multinational food companies, by manufacturing high security products under most regulatory requirements.

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