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Insulax ® IP, the main product for the production of insulation

Summer and winter are the most intense season of the year in terms of temperature. Summer usually comes with heat waves reaching high temperatures and winter with cold waves where the temperatures recordered are very low. For these seasons, where most of the time is spent at home or in the office, thermal insulation becomes the best ally to achieve a greater sense of comfort.

For this reason, housing, building, shopping mall, hospital or any other enclosed space, are equipped with an insulation layer that protects them from external weather conditions and help to maintain the space with a pleasant and constant temperature. ALUCOAT has developed its flagship product INSULAX® IP, coated aluminium coils for the production of insulation panels with PUR (polyurethane) or PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam which are installed inside rooms and provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Coated aluminium coils produced by ALUCOAT are an importer barrier against humidity, as being totally waterproof. Moreover, it is an anticorrosive material and has greater durability over time compared to others materials, in addition is a 100% recyclable and sustainable material On the other side the lacquers developed by our company provide an excellent resistant to weathering and U.V. light. For this reason, INSULAX®IP is the perfect solution for the production of insulation.

For those surface that requires specific treatment, ALUCOAT has developed the product INSULAX® IP+. This product has a special antibacterial coating exclusively designed to provide a high level of hygiene to the final panel. This product is designed for application in hospitals, food or pharmaceutical industry, sectors where hygiene is fundamental to keep health and wellbeing.

ALUCOAT, works to offer innovative and accessible solutions for the industry, looking for the welfare and comfort to end customer.

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