Specialists in Lacquering Aluminium Coils



ALUCOAT, specialist in aluminium lacquering for Pharmacy and Food

The aluminium, endowed with enormous advantages over other material, is ideal for its application in pharma industry for example, we can find it in capsules wrappers, blíster packs and caps or membranes to protect syrups.

Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and its great adaptability to extreme humidity and corrosion conditions, pharmaceutical products preserved with aluminium guarantee the perfect conservation of the medicine.
Its impermeability prevents them from coming into contact with any external agent that may alter its composition.

This reason makes it the perfect partner in the food industry because it allows food to be kept in perfect conditions much longer than if than if others materials were used. Which it involves that the day of expiry is longer.  Likewise, it does not emit chemical substances or odours, the taste of the final product is not altered or contaminated.

Another of the huge advantages of this noble raw material is that it can be reused infinite times without being affected its properties.

Its profitable, sustainable and efficient circular economy makes it a smart and safe bet both in the present and in the future.

ALUCOAT lacquered aluminium coils are present in the food industry and pharmaceutical sector.

ALUCOAT is one of the main suppliers in these sectors, guaranteeing the highest quality.

ALUCOAT, committed to sustainable communities and cities (SDG 9).

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Alucoat® CS, and enjoy a good coffee.

Our coated aluminum, Alucoat® CS, is the most comfortable, quick and clean way to consume freshly brewed coffee.

Alucoat® CS is the best solution for the production of coffee capsules. The coated aluminum that we produce in ALUCOAT is the best barrier that avoid coffee oxidation and conserve all its natural properties without altering its flavour. Thanks to the wide range of colors we offer, it allows to differentiate the product based on the kind of coffee.

Using alloys that have been specially designed for this, with extraordinary drawing  properties, the capsules produced with Alucoat® CS offers a good mechanical protection and light weight, which saves storage and transport.

Moreover, in combination with Linfoil® for the capsule lid, with a wide range of heat-sealing coatings, ALUCOAT guarantees total protection of coffee and assure a correct breakage of the lid after the infusion of coffee inside preventing the coffee grounds from entering the cup.

Alucoat® CS is the best solution for the production of coffee capsules, it is 100% recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

ALUCOAT, always at the forefront and providing innovative solutions.

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ALUCOAT distinguished with the Industry Award at the “11th Linares of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards”.

José Manuel González Plaza Manager of ALUCOAT was present at the ceremony and was the one who picked up the prize last Friday. 

These awards presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognize the work and effort of the companies in Linares (Jaén). These awards want to recognize the contribution to the economy of the city moreover to recognizing the achievement and efforts of entrepreneurs and businesswomen of Linares.

ALUCOAT from the very beginning has been closely connected to Linares and its citizens, having become an important industrial reference for the city. Its more than 25.000m2 of productive facilities and its continuous expansion and grow plans generate an important wealth for its social, labor and economic environment.

The jury was composed by Raúl Caro-Accino Menéndez Mayor of Linares; Pilar Parra Ruiz Vice President of Deputation of Jaén; José María Villén Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Linares; Patricio Lupiáñez Cruz President of CETEMET; Juan Carlos Hernández Camero  President of ACIL (Asociation of merchants and industrialist of Linares) and María Jerez Carrillo Manager of Chamber of Commerce of Linares wanted to recognize the great work and importance that ALUCOAT has in Linares.

ALUCOAT, committed to Linares

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ALUCOAT galardonada por 25 años de compromiso con la Universidad de Jaén

ALUCOAT ha sido premiada y reconocida como empresa colaboradora con la UJA tras 25 años de compromiso continuo con los campus de Linares y Jaén.

EL acto celebrado el pasado martes 30 de Octubre, fue presidido por el rector, Juan Gómez, en el marco de la conmemoración del 25 aniversario de la UJA, en el que ha estado acompañado por el presidente del Consejo Social, Francisco Vañó. “La Universidad de Jaén se ha convertido en un valioso instrumento de transformación social y cultural y en una poderosa herramienta para el desarrollo económico de la provincia”, afirmó Juan Gómez.

ALUCOAT ha colaborado desde su origen con la Universidad de Jaén, estableciendo una fuerte relación bidireccional universidad-empresa, estrechando lazos y acercado a los jóvenes universitarios al mundo profesional. ALUCOAT ha apostado siempre por los jóvenes manteniendo una colaboración constante con la UJA basada en un proyecto recurrente de prácticas, con el fin de que los jóvenes puedan poner en experiencia sus conocimientos adquiridos durante sus estudios. La colaboración con la UJA es la principal fuente de integración de personal en ALUCOAT, generando además personal muy cualificado.

ALUCOAT, estableciendo nexos de unión con el capital humano de la Universidad de Jaén.

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ALUCOAT® CPS LT, energy safe for the wine sector

ALUCOAT, European leader in lacquered aluminum coils, has developed a new advanced product for the wine sector: ALUCOAT® CPS LT. This new product is based on an innovative universal heat-sealing coating that can be sealed to a wide variety of supports at a low temperature thus, reducing the amount of energy and necessary cost for the sealed process.

This new coating has been developed with the latest knowledge in thermoplastic and rheology properties and it is born with the object to satisfy the market requirements, incorporating our range of products for the wine sector to our ALUCOAT® CPS LT, which reduces considerably the sealing temperature for the top disk aluminum caps due to its excellent values of heat-sealing even at temperatures of 100ºC, well below the 180-200 ° C required for the current heat-sealing lacquers.

ALUCOAT, always at the forefront in the development of innovative and efficient products.

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ALUCOAT® clopp +, an extra safety

The R & D department of ALUCOAT has developed an advanced lacquering system for aluminum coils for its ALUCOAT clopp product, specifically for the most demanding markets such as pharmacy and cosmetics. The advanced system, under the brand name “ALUCOAT clopp +”, is based on an extra safety with a 100% BPA-free coating and high performance:

• BPA-NI (complying even with the demanding French standard 2012-1442).
• Excellent resistance to sterilization and corrosion.
• Very good flexibility and deep drawing properties.
• Authorized for contact with food (FDA and European Regulation).

With the new ALUCOAT clopp +, ALUCOAT expands its product range towards products of higher quality and greater safety.

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