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linfoil® 1000, the best choice for food market

The range of products linfoil ® by Alucoat is designed to heat seal food packaging.

ALUCOAT, Leader in Aluminium Coating, is still widening, developing and innovating its range of linfoil ® products, intended for the food market, especially for the manufacture of lids.

Thanks to the constant innovation of the R&D Department, ALUCOAT has developed linfoil® 1000, the perfect solution for thermosealing PP containers like those used for fresh cheese and dessert such as curds with acid pH that require a safe lid that maintain the food in perfect conditions.

linfoil® 1000 is produced with in house technology to offer unbeatable sealed to PP containers. It offers high corrosion resistance four times superior than others materials. Moreover, is totally compatible with the sterilization process carried out in the food industry, assuring the good state and conservation of food.

ALUCOAT, innovative solutions for the needs of each customer.

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