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Alucoat® cs, more than coated aluminium for food packaging

Alucoat® cs is the product designed for the production of packaging for food industry. Thanks to many years of work, constant development, know-how and innovation, ALUCOAT has been adapting its coated aluminium coil thanks to the most advanced technology and the requirements of a highly demanding market such as food. Its objective is to offer products and services with high quality, achieving the maximum food security for its customers.

As a results of the extensive experience with this product, ALUCOAT has achieved that moreover to complying with the properties of lacquered aluminium such as preservation of food in perfect condition, resistant to heat and corrosion as well as boiling water, ensure the following requirements:

  • Compliance with European food legislation as well as with the American standard FDA, creating a solution more than suitable for food contact.
  • Non-stick properties. Non-stick coating that guarantees easy demolding of your dishes without the food sticking to it.
  • BPA-Nia properties. Bisphenol A Non-intentionally-added, thus complying with the latest requirements within food industry.
  • Excellent stuffing properties and adaptation to the form of final consumption.

ALUCOAT invests great efforts in research and development to offer its customer an improvement in the mechanical properties of the product, working with special alloys that reduce the thickness of the material and increasing its performance, while keeping the quality standards of the product.

Being able to supply its lacquered aluminium coil in a wide range of colors and customize the final product, Alucoat® cs becomes the star product for food packaging.

ALUCOAT, oriented to customers, focused on the product and always committed to innovation (SDG9).

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