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ALUCOAT, a reference in quality and customer focus

The quality of final product and the service ALUCOAT offers are its distinctive. Thanks to its experience and know-how the company has not only obtained the most demanding certificates but the customers they work with are very satisfied.

This is demonstrated by the results we have obtained recently in the satisfaction survey: “Client Voice” that shows the 80% of our national and international customers value in positive way the high quality of our coating and the lacquering process of our aluminum coils, the personalized service they receive and the delivery time, being these the reasons why they choose to work again with ALUCOAT, their trusted supplier.

With a clear customer orientation, ALUCOAT invests big efforts in keep offering the maximum quality in coated aluminum between 20 and 500 microns, in providing its customers with a unique and personalized service, with innovation in our new products to satisfy their needs and still being a reference in our sector.

ALUCOAT, industry, innovation, quality, commitment and dedication (SDG 9).

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