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Alucoat® prelac, the best treatment for coated aluminum

Alucoat, experts in the production of coated aluminum coils for sectors as diverse as food industry, pharmaceutical, air conditioning, construction and isolation, among others. We always work under the premise of meeting the needs of most demanding customers. In order to improve the properties of our coated aluminum we have developed Alucoat® prelac, a state-of-the-art degreasing and chrome-free chemical pretreatment for aluminum strips, which results in high quality products with a higher corrosion resistance, as well as a great improvement in the adhesion of the lacquers. In that, way we offer a plus for the final product of our customers.

Alucoat® prelac, additionally is environmentally friendly as well as suitable for use for food contact satisfying the most exigent normative such as FDA. Alucoat® prelac, is a versatile treatment that can be applicable for all the products that Alucoat® commercialize, from heat exchangers to food containers.

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