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linfoil ® protects your food as fresh packaged

The R&D department of ALUCOAT works constantly in alternative materials that provide the adequate protection and the most resistance to our customers’ products. In this case those in the food sector.

linfoil ® coated aluminum coils of ALUCOAT specially designed for the production of lids used in yogurts, desserts, jams, butter, among others. This product offers solutions in coated aluminum ideal for every customer and guarantees the freshness and conservation of foods’ properties.

Thanks to its excellent properties, linfoil ® allows to be heat sealed to a wide variety of materials (plastics such as PET, PS, PP and PVC, glass, among others), having a good printability and high resistance against external agents (light, moisture, among others).

Moreover, for those foods whose composition requires special attributes, ALUCOAT has a special product with anticorrosive properties and resistance to the most common sterilization process in the food industry.

Let linfoil ® protects your food and keep them as fresh packaged.

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