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Happy New Year

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ALUCOAT galardonada por 25 años de compromiso con la Universidad de Jaén

ALUCOAT ha sido premiada y reconocida como empresa colaboradora con la UJA tras 25 años de compromiso continuo con los campus de Linares y Jaén.

EL acto celebrado el pasado martes 30 de Octubre, fue presidido por el rector, Juan Gómez, en el marco de la conmemoración del 25 aniversario de la UJA, en el que ha estado acompañado por el presidente del Consejo Social, Francisco Vañó. “La Universidad de Jaén se ha convertido en un valioso instrumento de transformación social y cultural y en una poderosa herramienta para el desarrollo económico de la provincia”, afirmó Juan Gómez.

ALUCOAT ha colaborado desde su origen con la Universidad de Jaén, estableciendo una fuerte relación bidireccional universidad-empresa, estrechando lazos y acercado a los jóvenes universitarios al mundo profesional. ALUCOAT ha apostado siempre por los jóvenes manteniendo una colaboración constante con la UJA basada en un proyecto recurrente de prácticas, con el fin de que los jóvenes puedan poner en experiencia sus conocimientos adquiridos durante sus estudios. La colaboración con la UJA es la principal fuente de integración de personal en ALUCOAT, generando además personal muy cualificado.

ALUCOAT, estableciendo nexos de unión con el capital humano de la Universidad de Jaén.

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Insulax® IP, the best acoustic and thermal insulation for sandwich panels.

Insulax® IP is especially designed for the production of panels with PUR or PIR foam.

Alucoat, specialist in coated Aluminum Coils develops insulax®, intended for the production of insulation panels for ventilation ducts. Insulax® is one of our more versatile products, as is a perfect barrier to light, moisture and water, moreover it guarantees a perfect adhesion to PUR and PIR foams.

The excellent properties of insulax® provide to be ease to be molded, which makes it the best choice in special applications. It can be supplied embossed or smooth. Alucoat develops this product like an excellent acoustic and thermal barrier.

For those markets with high hygienic requirements such as hospitals, food industry or pharma, Alucoat develops insulax® IP +, with a special antibacterial coating specifically designed by our R&D department.

Alucoat, high quality for the most demanding markets.

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Alucoat starts up the laboratory 4.0

Alucoat improves installations of R&D and Quality

ALUCOAT, European leader in coating aluminum coils between 20 and 500 microns, shows its commitment for innovation and continuous improvement with remodeling and expansion of its R&D and Quality laboratory, to continue satisfying the needs of the market and its customers.

The enlargement has doubled the capacity of the installations, which host the latest advances in technology and equipment for analysis, testing and quality control of coated aluminum that Alucoat develops. This improvement will successfully meet the requirements demanded by the markets they serve.

With the inauguration of a new laboratory, ALUCOAT is integrated into Industry 4.0. A reform that adds to the continuous improvement that performs the company to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

ALUCOAT, Innovation, Quality and Development of Last Generation.

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Alucoat is integrated in the Supply chain with its customers

The digitalization and automatization of orders allows to reduce administrative management times.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coated aluminum coils, shows its commitment to digitalization and continuous improvement through the automation of purchase orders, which are imported automatically to the company’s system, reducing time and administrative tasks. ALUCOAT avoids this way possible mistakes when registering orders, achieving a more efficient management for ALUCOAT and its customers.

Customers’ purchase orders are automatically exported from their systems and downloaded by ALUCOAT to be registered automatically as sales orders. Additionally, ALUCOAT has a system control in plant that label each order with the proper label formats that adapt to the needs of every customer. The labeling include product ID that are standardized by AECOC, QR Code that allows tracking from any mobile phone through SIGAConnect and for those customer who request it, an RFID tag for a remote management.

Moreover, this integration allows our systems, after the order being shipped, to automatically provide detail of manufactured coils, with their unique identification and weight to their customers. This entails an improvement so that customers can plan the consumption of each coil in their production processes before receiving them.

ALUCOAT, innovation and efficiency at your fingertips.

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linfoil® 1000, the best choice for food market

The range of products linfoil ® by Alucoat is designed to heat seal food packaging.

ALUCOAT, Leader in Aluminium Coating, is still widening, developing and innovating its range of linfoil ® products, intended for the food market, especially for the manufacture of lids.

Thanks to the constant innovation of the R&D Department, ALUCOAT has developed linfoil® 1000, the perfect solution for thermosealing PP containers like those used for fresh cheese and dessert such as curds with acid pH that require a safe lid that maintain the food in perfect conditions.

linfoil® 1000 is produced with in house technology to offer unbeatable sealed to PP containers. It offers high corrosion resistance four times superior than others materials. Moreover, is totally compatible with the sterilization process carried out in the food industry, assuring the good state and conservation of food.

ALUCOAT, innovative solutions for the needs of each customer.

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AIRFIN®, the best heat protection

The coated aluminum coil AIRFIN® is the best choice for rotary heat exchangers.

AIRFIN® is the coated Aluminum coil of Alucoat designed for the production of fins for rotatory heat exchangers. These use the temperature of an air flow to change the temperature thanks to the rotary movement of the exchanger itself, thus becoming an ecological solution of high energy efficiency.

In that way, the rotary heat exchangers are the most effective way to transfer heat, since they save between 45 and 80% of the energy used by the usual air conditioning or heating systems.

The aluminum is ideal for this process thanks to its excellent thermal conductivity. The Alucoat AIRFIN® coated aluminum coil between 50 and 200 microns of thickness and up to 1600mm width, has numerous channels that allow air to pass through and transfer its heat to the storage mass.

The range of AIRFIN® products from Alucoat offers a corrosion protection 3 times superior to bare aluminum, improve its transformation and processing and generates a protective barrier against microbial growth. For environments with more aggressive conditions, our EPPU AIRFIN® 500 guarantees an extra resistance under the highest performance of the market.

ALUCOAT, innovative solutions for energy saving and ecological efficiency.

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ALIBÉRICO launches its new website

Faster, more visually attractive and user friendly, ALIBÉRICO updates and modernizes its online presence with this new site

The new corporate website includes the high growth that ALIBÉRICO has experienced through its internationalization as well as the creation of new companies in Spain, strengthening its industrial presence in 4 continents and commercial activity in nearly 80 countries.

The new website details the wide range of sectors in which ALIBÉRICO is present, from the building sector to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food through its factories, leaders in each sector in which operates.

With a renewed image, it maintains a culture of values, effort and hard work and retains its success based on people, technology and innovation.

Discover the  new website of ALIBÉRICO … And its aluminium that accompanies you in your every day life!

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ALUCOAT launches the new BPA-NIA coating, the best solution for the food industry

ALUCOAT has developed its new colorless polyester BPA-NIA coating, specially designed for the interior of packaging and baking trays for the food industry.

This new lacquer provides our product Alucoat® CS with easy demoulding properties and a safety bonus thanks to its new BPA-NIA composition, which comply with the most demanding regulations in the food industry. In addition, it resists baking, far exceeding the trials to which it has been subjected with different foods such as rice, margarine or potato.

High flexibility, corrosion resistance and excellent embossing property result in Alucoat® CS, approved by FDA regulations and European legislation for food contact.

Alucoat® CS is the most suitable and secure product for the production of aluminium packaging providing the solutions that an industry as demanding as food demand.

ALUCOAT, leader in innovation and development of new products, at the service of the customers under the strictest quality criteria.

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ALUCOAT® CPS LT, energy safe for the wine sector

ALUCOAT, European leader in lacquered aluminum coils, has developed a new advanced product for the wine sector: ALUCOAT® CPS LT. This new product is based on an innovative universal heat-sealing coating that can be sealed to a wide variety of supports at a low temperature thus, reducing the amount of energy and necessary cost for the sealed process.

This new coating has been developed with the latest knowledge in thermoplastic and rheology properties and it is born with the object to satisfy the market requirements, incorporating our range of products for the wine sector to our ALUCOAT® CPS LT, which reduces considerably the sealing temperature for the top disk aluminum caps due to its excellent values of heat-sealing even at temperatures of 100ºC, well below the 180-200 ° C required for the current heat-sealing lacquers.

ALUCOAT, always at the forefront in the development of innovative and efficient products.

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