Specialists in Lacquering Aluminium Coils


bobina-alupharm-introalupharm® is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of protective and safe packaging for pharmaceutical applications. Moreover It can be made suitable for different applications like “push through” lids or preformed trays for tablets by using different alloys with different mechanical properties.


  • Total barrier protection against light, moisture, oxygen and other gases, and liquids.
  • Good mechanical protection.
  • Light weight that allows use the minimum of transport and production space.
  • Safe for use in contact with foodstuffs (according to European Directives, and FDA).




ALUCOAT supplies its product  alupharm® ein reels of wide until 1.250 mm, with core of steel or carton up to 150 mm., maximum diameter of 1.000 mm. and maximum weight of 2 tonnes. alupharm® lacquered coils are specially indicated for developing:

  • Blister packs for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Cold forming blister packaging (Tropical blister).
  • Push through ‘lids’.

Technical Data

Product descripction:

Aluminium foil from 20 to 50 μm with primer or white lacquer on one side and heatsealing lacquer to PVC/PVdC on the other side.

Coating properties: Colorless Primer and Coloured Lacquer:

  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium foil (resistant to adhesive tape test).
  • Good printing results using nitrocellulose inks and UV inks. (Inks’ resistance is responsibility of the printer).
  • Resistant to heatsealing temperature (max. 220ºC 1s).
  • Water resistant (30 min at room temperature).


Product Data Sheet: pdf

Heatsealing lacquers:

  • Authorized for contact with foodstuffs (FDA).
  • Water resistant (30 min at room temperature).
  • Resistant to boiling water (5 min/100ºC).
  • Lacquer porosity (15 min) < 5 pores/m2 (20g CuSO4 /50cc HCl(35%) /1000cc. H2O) .
  • Sealable to PVC/PVDC. Peel strength to PVC > 7.5 N/15mm. (180ºC, 40 kg, 1s) (Plastic Supports from Alucoat’s lab). 


Recommended alloys:
EN AW 1200, EN AW 8079 (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)).