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airfin ® and waterfin ®, the most refreshing choice for this summer!

This summer, nothing better than airfin ® and waterfin ®, coated aluminum reels to combat the high temperatures because this material is specially design for the manufacture of air conditioners and air conditioning systems. Thanks to its excellent heat transfer properties and corrosion resistance have become the first choice of many manufacturers of air conditioning systems.

ALUCOAT provides a wide range of every product that suits the customer needs:

• Within airfin ®, ALUCOAT offers four different products with high hydrophobic properties and high corrosion resistance:
  1. airfin ® 100 based on epoxy resins
  2. airfin ® 300 polyurethane nature
  3. airfin ® 400 with polyester resin that confers high flexibility
  4. airfin ® 700 double layer material with tensile strength greater than 1000 hours Salt Spray corrosión.

• On the other hand, waterfin ® range. Thanks to its hydrophilic properties allows the production of smaller equipment as it avoids the formation of Ice Bridge:
   1. waterfin ® 100 the standard version of this material
   2. waterfin ® 700 the high corrosion resistance version of this material, ideal for environments with high pollution.

The products airfin ® and waterfin ® that requires and extra corrosion environmental resistance can have a special pretreatment Alucoat ® prelac chrome free. This pretreatment multiply the corrosion resistance of coated aluminum.

With airfin ® and waterfin ® of ALUCOAT, forget this summer heat!

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Alucoat Conversion, comitted with sustainable and quality production

In ALUCOAT, at every business activities we focus on providing high quality products to our customers, developing production processes that favor sustainability and a high commitment to the environment.

It is therefore recently we have obtained three new certifications related with the high quality standards of our products, the proper environmental management system and an efficient energy use in the two main activities of ALUCOAT.

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System that verify the compliance of customer’s requirements.
  • UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System that verify the Environmental protection in all our productions process.
  • UNE-EN ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management relative to the correct energy use in our facilities.

With these new certificates ALUCOAT guarantees a highly efficient organization, fulfilling the highest quality exigencies and always respectful of the environment.

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