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Alucoat® flex

alucoat-flex-introAlucoat® flex is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of flexible ducts for smoke oulets in boilers, gas heaters, and ventilation pipes. The lacquered aluminium coils of Alucoat® flex has and excellent flexibility, that allows to shape the duct by different ways depending of the end-use. Moreover, its light weight allows economizing on storage and transport space.


  • Lacquers specially developed by our technical department to improve the production process and the final properties of the pipe.
  • Good mechanical protection.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Light weight that allows economizing on storage and transport space
  • An alternative with a degreasing and pre-treatment coating is available that improve the properties of the standard product patented by ALUCOAT, Alucoat® prelac, that improves protection against corrosion and the lacquer adherence over the aluminium surface.




ALUCOAT supplies its product Alucoat® flex in reels of wide until 1.250 mm, with core of steel or carton up to 150 mm., maximum diameter of 1.000 mm. and maximum weight of  tonnes.

The lacquered aluminium coils of Alucoat® flex can be useful in different applications as flexible ducts for smoke outlets, in boilers, gas heaters, ventilation pipes, among others.

Technical Data

Product descripction

Aluminium foil from 80 to 300 μm thinck with white lacquer on one side.

Coating properties:
Colour lacquer:

  • Polyester based lacquer.
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium foil (resistant to adhesive tape test).
  • Good friction resistance and flexibility.
  • Polyester based lacquer is used when high heat resistance properties are required (240ºC 2 min without color change).

Recommended alloys

EN AW 8011A, EN AW 8006 (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)).

Customer can specify its needs in order to choose the best thickness, alloy and temper of the metal.

Remarks: Other colours are available on request.



Product Data Sheet: pdf