Specialists in Lacquering Aluminium Coils

Alucoat® clopp

alucoat-clopp-bebidas-introAlucoat® clopp is the designation of ALUCOAT for the lacquered foil intended to be used for the production of pilfer proof closures for the beverage and cosmetic  industry developed by ALUCOAT. The lacquer coating the coils Alucoat® clopp is formulated with special resins to support the demanding sterilization processes of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, which guarantee the highest quality and hygiene. Moreover they are suitable for use in contact with foodstuff (according to European Directives and FDA).


  • The aluminium is processed using a degreasing and pre-treatment patented by ALUCOAT, Alucoat® prelac, that improve the protection against corrosion and the lacquer adherence over the aluminium surface.
  • Wide color range and good printability, that offers a wide range of decorative possibilities.
  • Ideal mechanical properties for deep drawing process (metal with low earing properties).
  • Lacquers used has been specially developed by our technical department to be very flexible and with special slipping properties.


bobina-alucoat -clopp-mini


ALUCOAT supplies its product Alucoat® clopp in reels of wide until 1.600 mm, with core of steel or carton up to 500 mm and maximum weight of 6 tonnes. The coils of Alucoat® clopp are ideal for developing:

  • Caps, closures and vials for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Closures ‘pilfer proof’ for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Lids and containers for the cosmetics industry.

Technical Data

Product description

Aluminium foil from 180 to 400 μm with colourless or coloured lacquer on one or two sides.

Recommended alloys

EN AW 8011A (according to European Standards (EN 573-3)) Customer can specifiy its needs in order to choose the best thickness, alloy and temper of the metal. Alloy 8079 is recommended when the lids are to be punched to determine the best thickness, alloy, and metal state.



Product Data Sheet: pdf

Coating properties: Colorless and coloured lacquer (matt and bright)

  • Epoxy or vinyl nature.
  • Authorized for contact with foodstuffs (FDA).
  • Excellent adhesion to aluminium foil (Resistant to adhesive tape test).
  • Good Flexibility.
  • Possibility to BPA-NI product.
  • Epoxy lacquer and polyester:
    • Resistant to solvents (ILA-06). Polymerization >30 Double rubs/ MEK.
    • Polymerization >30 Double rubs/ MEK.
    • Resistant to dry heating (ILA-08/5.3) (2min/ 240ºC).
    • Resistant to boiling water (ILA-08/5.5) (15min).
    • Resistant to sterilization (specially for pharma caps).
    • Bending (ECCA T7) < 1T.