Experten in der Lackierung von Aluminiumbändern

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Alucoat, always by your side

Have freshly brewed coffee with coffee capsules produced with coated aluminum Alucoat® CS, and don’t forget to take your vitamins packed in aluminum blister from Alucoat, Alupharm®.

Use public transport, such us buses or trains, made with honeycomb core Alunid®  to move around your city.

The façade of your office, built with Alucoat® Coil which make up the skin of your building with composite panels. The building keeps the optimal temperature conditions thanks to the refrigeration equipment that contains our products Airfin®  y Waterfin®  avoiding losses thanks to our Insulax® range.

When you return home, make dinner in the company of yours while the air extractor works with our  Alucoat® Flex. You can find us in the drinks! The bottles of juice and water aresealed with our Alucoat CLOPP® and if you prefer wine, Alucoat® CPS will cover the bottle.

When the sweet moment of desserts arrives, you can take it directly from our packaging produced with Alucoat® CS and protected with our Linfoil® lids.

And to rest, that tomorrow will be another day.

Alucoat, always at your side providing innovative solutions to improve your day to day.

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