Experten in der Lackierung von Aluminiumbändern

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Alucoat® Prelac, safety and comittment for food industry

ALUCOAT, specialist in the production of lacquered aluminum coils, has in its range of products the exclusive preteatment Alucoat® Prelac, that provides excellent properties for food industry.

Alucoat® Prelac, is a state-of-the-art system for chemically degreasing and pretreating aluminum. 100% Chrome free and specialized in aluminum strips, improves corrosion resistance and the adherence of all types of coating. It is suitable for food contact under the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) and EU regulations, thus making it an effective solution for the food sector where security, tranquility and customer confidence prevail.

Products like Alucoat® CS and Airlid®, are packaging solutions with properties of heat resistant, resistant to sterilization and pasteurization, easy demoulding and resistance to food with acidic PH. Thus, they can improved their properties with the use of this exclusive pretreatment and are part of products of high security and commitment to the food industry. All providing confidence to our customers and end consumers under the strict FDA regulations.

ALUCOAT, your safety our priority. Committed to responsible production and consumption (SDG 12)

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