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The compromise of ALUCOAT: recyclability and sustainability

ALUCOAT, is an expert in coating aluminium coils between 20 and 500 microns thick. ALUCOAT supplies materials certified as “safe materials” to a wide range of sectors such as food, pharmacy, insulation, construction, among others and in its daily activity contributes to global sustainability, recycling all the aluminium waste generated when coating.

Aluminium is one of the materials presents in the earth’s layer that is 100% recyclable, it can be recycled infinitely many times and it can be re-used without losing its properties with a 95% of recovery rate. As a curious fact, the 75% of all the aluminium produced in the World since 1950’s it still in use*. Another advantage related with recycling is that it’s avoid the emission of an average of 90 million of CO2 to the atmosphere per year*. Regarding the energy required in its initial production to obtain primary aluminium, giving aluminium a new life means an energy saving of 95%.

For these reasons, ALUCOAT, committed to sustainability and the future, recycles 100% of all the waste generated during its productive process of coating. Moreover, more than 60% of our coated aluminium comes from recycled aluminium, minimizing the extraction of new resources and promoting the circular economy.

ALUCOAT, helping to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

*Data from International Aluminium Institute:

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