Experten in der Lackierung von Aluminiumbändern



ALUCOAT® clopp +, an extra safety

The R & D department of ALUCOAT has developed an advanced lacquering system for aluminum coils for its ALUCOAT clopp product, specifically for the most demanding markets such as pharmacy and cosmetics. The advanced system, under the brand name “ALUCOAT clopp +”, is based on an extra safety with a 100% BPA-free coating and high performance:

• BPA-NI (complying even with the demanding French standard 2012-1442).
• Excellent resistance to sterilization and corrosion.
• Very good flexibility and deep drawing properties.
• Authorized for contact with food (FDA and European Regulation).

With the new ALUCOAT clopp +, ALUCOAT expands its product range towards products of higher quality and greater safety.

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Insulax® PET, maximum insulation for roofs and chimneys

Manufactured in ALUCOAT, Insulax® PET is lacquered aluminum laminated to a layer of PET, intended for use on roofs and chimneys.

Its low thickness, from 20 microns in aluminum and 23 microns of PET, offers great flexibility and it adapts to any shape and design of roof or chimney, covering the entire surface and avoiding holes without insulation that can cause dampness and leaks. In order to avoid leaks, it becomes a high quality insulation with high resistance to exposure, weather and sunlight.

Insulax® PET is also an excellent barrier against moisture, vapors and UV rays, and against any type of element that can damage building structures. It therefore provides the necessary protection to prevent leakage and short-term damage to buildings as well as other applications in ventilation ducts.

With a wide range of types of lacquer to choose, we guarantee the fulfillment of the expectations of our customers, as well as the final consumers, offering the product that best suits each need.

Insulax® PET, a product of high quality and unmatched performance.

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Alucoat in the TOP 20 of the companies of Jaén

Last Friday, June 23rd, the magazine “Top 20 Companies, Employment and Commerce” was published by the newspaper Diario de Jaén, with the 20 best companies in the province, including Alucoat. This magazine gives a detailed overview of the businesses that lead the province, the impact on employment, the evolution of turnover and its innovation, research and development projects, which will be key for the coming years.

Jose Manuel González, General Manager of Alucoat, was one of those chosen to talk about Alucoat, its important industrial presence and how it has been adapted to become a company benchmark not only at the provincial level but also at the national and international level . The event ended with the intervention of the Minister of Employment, Enterprise and Commerce of the Government of Andalusia.

We design solutions for each client:

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Alucoat® prelac, the best treatment for coated aluminum

Alucoat, experts in the production of coated aluminum coils for sectors as diverse as food industry, pharmaceutical, air conditioning, construction and isolation, among others. We always work under the premise of meeting the needs of most demanding customers. In order to improve the properties of our coated aluminum we have developed Alucoat® prelac, a state-of-the-art degreasing and chrome-free chemical pretreatment for aluminum strips, which results in high quality products with a higher corrosion resistance, as well as a great improvement in the adhesion of the lacquers. In that, way we offer a plus for the final product of our customers.

Alucoat® prelac, additionally is environmentally friendly as well as suitable for use for food contact satisfying the most exigent normative such as FDA. Alucoat® prelac, is a versatile treatment that can be applicable for all the products that Alucoat® commercialize, from heat exchangers to food containers.

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Alucoat ® cs is the best solution for the production of easy demoulding packaging

The final consumer in many occasions has problems in extracting their favorite dessert from the packaging. The reason is the raw material of the packaging is not adequate.
That is why Alucoat, specialist in the production of aluminum packaging under the brand Alucoat ® cs, that offers the mechanical properties necessary for this type of application, moreover an incredible range of colors that meets the customer’s needs.

The high performance of Alucoat® cs lacquered coils means that the containers subsequently manufactured for use in food and especially for baking, are correctly adapted to the final consumption form.

Aluminum containers made from Alucoat ® cs lacquered coils fulfill the functions of protecting the contents of the packaging of pollutants, colors, light and humidity during transportation, distribution and handling to preserve the properties of the packaged product. In addition, our coated aluminum is able to maintain its properties of resistance and heat-sealing after different thermic processes guaranteeing the stability of the food. These products comply with the regulations for food industry, the European and American version: FDA, BPA-free, PVC-free and BADGE-free.

We have two range of our Alucoat ® cs easy demoulding. The first one for the production of standard packaging, for desserts without special resistance requirements and the second one is the production of food packaging with high level of acidity, such as, compotes, fruits, among others, requiring a plus in resistance corrosion with easy demoulding.

In this way Alucoat always offers a specific and technical solution for each customer, according to their needs. Alucoat always at the forefront of production, offers real solutions in the day to day to its customers and final consumers.

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ALUCOAT present at the largest Wine Symposium in the US

The last 24, 25 and 26 of January, took place “Unified Wine and Grape Symposium” in Sacramento, California, and as part of the internationalization strategy that ALUCOAT has implemented since a couple of years ago in the US market, our technical and commercial team attended the symposium. There took place meetings with current customers and new potential customers to establish new business opportunities with our Alucoat CPS, coated aluminum coils for the production of top disk for wine capsules.

Wine and Grape Symposium is the business meeting most important and large of the West Coast, thanks to its significant weight in the economy. During the symposium, were found 700 exhibitors and more than 13.000 attendants from more than 30 countries.

ALUCOAT thus consolidate its presence in the US market thanks to the support of a high quality product that satisfied the exigent standards from the most demanding customers of the wine sector.

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linfoil® 800, the best solution for food caps with high acidity

ALUCOAT is always focused on its customers, developing new products and providing practical solutions to their day-to-day problems. As such, ALUCOAT recently launched a new coated aluminum product specially designed for the food packaging lid sector named linfoil ® 800. Its anticorrosive properties make it the perfect product for foods with pH levels of 2-3 such as jams, jams, fresh cheeses, pates, among others. This new product, in addition to offering all the advantages of the linfoil ® range, adds the additional advantage of high corrosion resistance as well as:

• High barrier to light, moisture, and external contamination
• Increased resistance to corrosion
• Excellent sealing capabilities to other materials: PS, PP, PVC, PET and glass
• Perfect printing results with nitro and UV inks
• The possibility of being embossed

For all those customers who pack foods with higher acidity levels, linfoil ® 800 will undoubtedly be the best solution with the advantage of being BPA-NIA. We offer a high quality product that allows the printing and personalization of packaging according to the needs and preferences of each client. ALUCOAT, once again providing quality products, good service and solutions to the needs of each customer.

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