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ALUCOAT distinguished with the Industry Award at the “11th Linares of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards”.

José Manuel González Plaza Manager of ALUCOAT was present at the ceremony and was the one who picked up the prize last Friday. 

These awards presented by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry recognize the work and effort of the companies in Linares (Jaén). These awards want to recognize the contribution to the economy of the city moreover to recognizing the achievement and efforts of entrepreneurs and businesswomen of Linares.

ALUCOAT from the very beginning has been closely connected to Linares and its citizens, having become an important industrial reference for the city. Its more than 25.000m2 of productive facilities and its continuous expansion and grow plans generate an important wealth for its social, labor and economic environment.

The jury was composed by Raúl Caro-Accino Menéndez Mayor of Linares; Pilar Parra Ruiz Vice President of Deputation of Jaén; José María Villén Vice President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Linares; Patricio Lupiáñez Cruz President of CETEMET; Juan Carlos Hernández Camero  President of ACIL (Asociation of merchants and industrialist of Linares) and María Jerez Carrillo Manager of Chamber of Commerce of Linares wanted to recognize the great work and importance that ALUCOAT has in Linares.

ALUCOAT, committed to Linares

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New insulax ® Kitchen finishes from ALUCOAT

The product of ALUCOAT insulax® Kitchen, provides excellent resistance to aggressive cleaning products, humidity and gases, elements always present in a kitchen. For this reason, it has become the material chosen as part of the decoration for them.

Their possibilities of use are very varied and can be laminated together with other plastic materials to design baseboards, boards and panels, elements that are key in the final aesthetic result.

In addition to the usual finishes with smooth and brushed effect, the ALUCOAT R&D department has developed a whole range of inox finishes, with different shades. Thus expanding the range of insulax® Kitchen and providing the same resistance to the final product as traditional finishes, increasing its versatility and the decorative possibilities of the elements that incorporate it.

ALUCOAT, always thinking about the needs of its customers

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Alucoat, always by your side

Have freshly brewed coffee with coffee capsules produced with coated aluminum Alucoat® CS, and don’t forget to take your vitamins packed in aluminum blister from Alucoat, Alupharm®.

Use public transport, such us buses or trains, made with honeycomb core Alunid®  to move around your city.

The façade of your office, built with Alucoat® Coil which make up the skin of your building with composite panels. The building keeps the optimal temperature conditions thanks to the refrigeration equipment that contains our products Airfin®  y Waterfin®  avoiding losses thanks to our Insulax® range.

When you return home, make dinner in the company of yours while the air extractor works with our  Alucoat® Flex. You can find us in the drinks! The bottles of juice and water aresealed with our Alucoat CLOPP® and if you prefer wine, Alucoat® CPS will cover the bottle.

When the sweet moment of desserts arrives, you can take it directly from our packaging produced with Alucoat® CS and protected with our Linfoil® lids.

And to rest, that tomorrow will be another day.

Alucoat, always at your side providing innovative solutions to improve your day to day.

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ALUCOAT CS ED, non-stick finish and BPA-NIA for the food industry

ALUCOAT, leader in the development of products and with the most innovative lacquers in the market offers to a market as demanding as the food sector its new coated aluminum ALUCOAT CS ED.

At ALUCOAT we are convinced that the reason of our success lies in on our bet for innovation and quality. Therefore, to the already known properties of our coated aluminum such us the food preservation in perfect condition, heat and boiling water resistance we add Non-stick properties (non-stick coating), guaranteeing easy demolding in your dishes,with BPA-NIA (Bysphenol A Non-intentionally-added) composition thus fulfilling the latest existing requirements.

With excellent corrosion resistance and approved by European Union and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for food contact, our coated trays and packaging ALUCOAT CS ED are the ideal solution for baking and cooking.

ALUCOAT, innovation, quality and customer service.

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